Camera Crane

  • Stanton Jimmy Jib Super Plus

    Stanton Jimmy Jib Super Plus

    Our Jib configurations can allow us to raise a camera to a lens height anywhere from 1.8 meters (6 feet) to 15 meters (46 feet), and depending on configuration requirements can support a camera up to the weight of 22.5 kilograms. This means any sort of camera, whether it be 16mm, 35mm or broadcast/video. See the diagram below for specifics.

    Jib Description

    Jib Reach

    Max Lens Height

    Max Camera Weight


    6 feet

    6 feet

    50 lbs

    Standard Plus

    9 feet

    16 feet

    50 lbs


    12 feet

    19 feet

    50 lbs


    15 feet

    23 feet

    50 lbs


    18 feet

    25 feet

    50 lbs

    Super Plus

    24 feet

    30 feet

    50 lbs


    30 feet

    33 feet

    50 lbs






    The strength of the Jimmy Jib it is the “reach” of the crane arm that becomes the important factor in creating interesting and dynamic compositions plus allowing the operator to raise the camera above obscuring power-lines or animated concert goers – thus allowing for a clear, high wide shot if need be.

  • Andy Telescopic Jib Crane

    Andy Telescopic Jib Crane


    Max length: 10m

    Min length: 4.5m

    Telescopic length: 6m

    Height: 6m(Can be higher if change the column)

    Telescopic speed: 0-0.5m / s

    Crane payload: 40Kg

    Head payload: 30Kg

    Elevation: + 50°〜-30°

  • Andy-jib camera support system

    Andy-jib camera support system

    Andy-jib camera support system is engineered and manufactured by ST VIDEO, adopts high strength light-weighted titanium-aluminum alloy material. The system includes 2 types which is Andy-jib heavy duty and Andy-jib Lite. The unique triangle and hexagonal combined tube design and windproof holes sections from the pivot to the head makes the system higher quality and more stable, suitable for a wide range of broadcast and live show shootings. Andy-jib full-featured single-arm 2 axis remote head offers 900 degree pan or tilt rotation, one person can operate the camera and jib crane at the same time.

  • ST-VIDEO smart camera crane

    ST-VIDEO smart camera crane

    ST-VIDEO smart camera crane is a highly intelligent automated camera crane system which designed specifically for the needs of studio automation and intelligent program production. This system equipped with a 4.2-meter-long adjustable arm body, and an accurate and stable virtual reality picture data tracking module, it is suitable for various TV programs such as studio news, sports, interviews, variety shows, and entertainment, can using for the automated shooting of AR, VR and live shows under no person appeared condition.

  • Porta Jib Crane

    Porta Jib Crane


    • Super smart and flexible design

    • Wonderful operate experience in Film, TV program, MTV, Media production

    • Quick installation in 5 minute by one person

    • Max 45 KGS payload by strong materials in stainless steel and aluminum parts

    • Support flat and 100mm&150mm bowl of tripod

    • Tripod included

    • Perfect use with spider 3 wheel dolly and 4 wheel dolly set

    • Hard case for full jib set and tripod

  • Andy Jib Lite

    Andy Jib Lite

    Andy Jib Lite is a system with max length 8m, payload reaches 15KGS, light weight and quick setup.

  • Jimmy Jib Crane

    Jimmy Jib Crane

    What is a Jib?

    In cinematography, a jib is a boom device with a camera on one end and a counterweight and camera controls at the other. It operates like a see-saw with a fulcrum in the center. A jib is useful for getting high shots, or shots that need to move a great distance; horizontally or vertically, without the expense and safety issues of putting a camera operator on a crane. The camera is controlled by a cabled remote control at one end, and at the other a super-responsive electro mechanic pan/tilt head (hot head) – allowing for smooth pans and tilts.